Creating Journals

You create journals by entering a journal label and description, point of view for the data, adjustment amounts, and optional journal group that you can use to filter and sort journals. You can create a new journal, or create a journal from an existing journal template. 

  • You create journals in manage journals page.
  • You can select Auto-reversing journal when you need to undo the journal entry in the following period. I am selecting Regular journal for our example.
  • Groups can be selected to filter Journal list and journal reports. You can create groups in Manage journals page using actions menu.

Journal data is entered in Local entity currency and when it is posted, its loaded into Journal Input datasource.

You can copy and paste rows or delete rows. To copy a row click create, by default the new row created is same as previous row.Scanning a journal verifies journal members names and also ensures all debit and credit entries are balanced in local currency. After a successful scan you can save a journal.

Any user with the Viewer role or higher can view journals. If you have only the Viewer role, only Posted journals are displayed.

Any user (User, Power User or Service Administrator) who has Write access to the Point of View (for example, entities and accounts), can create a journal.

They can also edit and delete journals, and perform journal actions such as posting and unposting.