Journals: Approve, Post & Reject

Approve Journals: After you submit a journal, you can approve it for posting. You can approve it after you create and submit it, or approve it later by selecting it from the journals list. After you approve a journal, the status changes to Approved and the journal cannot be


Posting Journals: You can post a journal after it is approved. You can post it after you submit it and it is approved, or you can post it later by selecting it from the list of available journals.You must have the journal period open before you can post, and have access to the security classes of every entity for the detail lines, and have Write access to every dimension member selected for each line.

You can post journals one a time or in batches. When you post a journal, the system stores the adjustment value in the specified adjustment member:

  1. Data Source - Journal Input
  2. View - Periodic
  3. Currency - Entity Currency

Rejecting Journals:After a journal is submitted for approval, or approved, you can reject it. After you reject

a journal, the status changes to Working.