Create New Task

You can create new task within task templates. When defining tasks, you set up properties,parameters,instructions,questions,rules,attributes and workflow.

To create a new task goto Close Manager>Template>Select a Template>Action>New

Organizational units are used for scheduling holidays and also for filtering and reporting. I will accept the default assigned by the template. Task Type can be : (A)Parent task (B) Integration task or (C) Basic task.(A) Parent tasks are useful for grouping tasks. They have child tasks.The start date of the parent task is the start date of first child task. The end date of the parent task is the end date of last child task.

(B) Integration task include the application component you need to perform a task for example, for a data entry task you need to use data forms so you can create an integration task. (C) Basic tasks do not have children and are not integration tasks.

Task owner is the one who creates task. They have access for edit task properties,reassign task assignee or approver and force the task to close.

The tasks defaults to active. Only active tasks are included when you create a schedule from a template.

Parameters tasks are used to provide information on integration.I will select a form to enter fx rates.

You can enter instructions for the tasks and also attach references or links.

You can use question section to verify the procedure of task and ask for additional clarifications.On the workflow tab you can assign user responsible for the task. You can also assign backup assignee or approver for the task.Backup assignee gets the task assigned, if the main assignee’s status is unavailable, for example when the status is set to OOO.Rules:

You can add rules to be executed with the task. 

History tab shows all the activities performed on the task till date.

Next video demonstrates creating a new task within a template.