Manage Schedule

Schedules can have a status of Pending, Open, Closed, or Locked. Schedules can be managed based on its status.You can change the status of a schedule from Pending to Open, or from Open to Closed or Locked. After a schedule is set to Open, it cannot be reset to Pending.

Pending:The schedule is not yet active. This is the default status of the schedule when it is created.

Open:The schedule is open for work to be performed. Tasks in the

schedule can be run.Closed:The schedule is no

longer active but follow-up work may be required. Tasks in the schedule

continue to proceed based on their definitions, but you cannot add tasks to the

schedule. Schedule owners or administrators can reopen a Closed schedule, which

changes its status to Open.

Locked: The schedule is locked and cannot be modified. A locked schedule cannot be set back to Open status and cannot be edited. It can be viewed and deleted. After a schedule is set to Locked, its status cannot be changed.

To create a schedule, you must be an Administrator or Power User. When you create a schedule from a template, all values are inherited from the template definition. 

Below video demos on changing status and managing schedules.