Working with Alerts

During the close process, users might encounter roadblocks such as a hardware failure, software issues, system failure, and so on. They can create an alert identifying the problem, and attach it to the task.Alert types helps to group alerts into categories, such as hardware failure,software issues, system failures, and so on.Using alert types, you can analyze the types of issues that users encounter during the close cycle and make changes to prevent them in future.

When you create an alert, its status is Open, and a notification is sent to the specified Assignee. After resolving the alert, the assignee can respond to the notification by marking the resolution complete, which sends notification to the Approver who can approve or reject it. If an Approver rejects it, the alert status returns to Open and the alert returns to the assignee.

Following video demo on adding alerts to ongoing tasks.

Alerts can be grouped into alert types. Alert types can be created by Admin users.Below video demonstrates creating alert types.