Intercompany Elimination Application Setup

Select the option-'Intercompany Data' while creating FCCS application, if your application includes intercompany data. If enabled, the system creates an Intercompany dimension containing system members. The Entity dimension displays a property for members that specifies if the member should be included in the Intercompany dimension. If the property is selected, a member with the same name is created in the Intercompany dimension.

Track Intercompany Elimination— If you select the Intercompany Data option, you can additionally select this tracking option. This option enables you to track your intercompany elimination data separately by data source. If this option is not selected, then the total elimination value from all data sources is stored as one total in the application rather than by the data source detail.

If you do not enable the Intercompany Data option, the Intercompany Dimension is not displayed in your application. See below video to understand intercompany setup.