Reporting on Intercompany Transactions

To create Intercompany Matching reports, you select the POV members, accounts,

and matching accounts that you want to display. You can also select whether to

suppress display of dimension members, and data cells associated with a specific



In Intercompany Matching reports, you can suppress the display of data cells

associated with a specific variance, as well as the variance itself, if a set of conditions are met. Suppressing the data in a data cell means that the system shows no value (a blank value) in that cell. If both variances are suppressed in the row, the system does not display the entire row.

You can suppress data by specifying a tolerance value (amount) or percentage. For example, if an Entity has an amount of 299 and the Partner Entity has 200, the difference is 99. If the matching tolerance is 100 and the difference between the Entity and Partner is less than 100 as in this example, the system suppresses the transactions because it is within the matching tolerance.

If you select not to suppress the Entity/Partner transactions, the system does not

suppress them even if the Entity and Partner amounts are within the matching

tolerance amount or percentage.